Attractions in Denver

Denver City Zoo
One of these tourist destinations is the Denver City Zoo. Located in the heart of Denver, the city zoo has been a major attraction for over a hundred years, with more than a million annual customers, making it one of the top zoos in the country. The Denver City Zoo is an attraction that you won't want to miss and its close location to the Colorado Convention Center gives you no excuse not to see it!

Denver Art Museum
The Denver Art Museum is another tourist destination within the same area as the Convention Center. Located in one of the most stunning buildings in the city, the museum is impossible to miss. With its wild angles and multiple sculptures, few visitors can pass by the museum without wanting to visit it. Featuring multiple different shows, all-access viewing, and special events, the Art Museum is a great destination to visit during your time in downtown Denver.

16th Street Mall
One of the biggest attractions of downtown Denver is the 16th Street Mall. Stretching roughly one mile, this pedestrian walkway is tree lined and features multiple different shops, cafes, and retail outlets. For those who don't want to walk the entire strip, a free trolley is run daily along the entire walkway providing transportation from one end of the mall to the other. The 16th Street Mall makes for an excellent stroll on one of Denver's 300 days of sun.

Center for the Performing Arts
Another of Denver's many attractions is the Center for the Performing Arts. Sharing the unique architecture that is a staple of downtown Denver buildings, the Center for the Performing Arts is a glass lined building, with two large statues dancing on the front lawn. Any visitor to downtown Denver can't miss this gigantic building, which has been the home of multiple famous plays and shows, and has long been a staple of Broadway tours. The Center for the Performing Arts is a gorgeous building to admire on the outside, as well as a great place to see an afternoon performance.

Pepsi Center
One other popular tourist attraction that also resides in downtown Denver is the Pepsi Center. The Center is home to both the NBA's Denver Nuggets and the NHL's Colorado Avalanche, making this a must see destination for any basketball or hockey fan! When not hosting games, the Center is also used as a venue for concerts and other traveling performances.