Getting Around Denver

Denver B-Cycle
For those industrious enough to get along on their own pedal power, Denver B-Cycle has at least a half dozen "B-Stations" within a couple blocks of the convention center. Users can pre-book and pre-pay online or pay for their rental bike right at the B-Station. The process is simple: Pay for access, use the bike and return it to any one of the city's 53 stations. Each B-Cycle comes with an attached basket for rider's belongings.

Denver's Light Rail
The Mile High City's light rail system traverses almost the entirety of the city. The station for the Theatre District/Convention Center is on Stout Street near 14th. The D, F and H lines stop there, allowing riders access to most of the city. If transfers to the C and E lines are needed, they're just two stops away at 10th/Osage.

It may be more advantageous to take the bus than the rail depending upon your destination. Denver's bus system gets into more nooks and crannies of the city than the rail does, so if you don't like walking a few blocks from the train station to where you want to be, the bus may get you closer. There is an RTD Bus stop right outside the convention center. Caution: If taking the bus, be sure to have exact change or a pre-paid bus pass. Drivers do not make change. Also, if you need to transfer to another bus, ask the driver for a transfer pass when exiting.

There are half a dozen cab companies working in Denver. This option will be pricier than the public transit system but you'll have more control over your situation and will be able to go directly from point A to point B. Patrons can call ahead for a particular cab company or just wait outside the convention center (between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.) as it is a frequent stopping point for the city.

Car rentals
If you prefer complete control, there are a number of car rental companies in Denver, many of which will pick you up at your prescribed place whenever you choose. Options go from small sub-compact cars for the solitary traveler to large vans for groups and families. Rates are not dissimilar from other urban areas, but vary from company to company so you may want to shop around before selecting your company of choice.